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October 2023 Horoscopes


Written byChristie Craft

Photography by路加克

It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these October 2023 horoscopes, then finding your specific sign below.

The passing of time guarantees dust collecting and little piles of clutter forming in your most inhabited spaces. Every so often, it’s necessary to assess your own mélange of untidiness with a good rummage through the accumulated mess, both literally and figuratively. The change of seasons—like, now—has always been splendid in motivation to look at things differently and make proper adjustments to suit the time and circumstance.

October’s medicine is focused on establishing a level of personal orderliness in our environments and inner workings to support the phase of growth we find ourselves in now, as individuals and as a collective. And with Mercury in Libra fromOctober 4toOctober 22, collaboration and compromise are key to striking a balance empowering progress in the micro and macro. Indeed, power is at an all-time high this month, particularly once Mars moves into intense Scorpio onOctober 12. Unrelenting stamina heats up probing focus toward something very specific, but that won’t be enough to get what we want.

OnOctober 14, a solar eclipse and new moon in Libra initiate a six-month cycle of growth delivered in a parcel of dynamism and wrapped with a silky ribbon of grace. We have a chance to make lasting changes in our lives with true peace and easy beauty as the end result. But in true Libra fashion, a fine balancing act of sorting and synthesizing the positives and negatives—the dark and the light—is required to realize our vision, along with commitment and effort. In re-balancing, we can recognize that these natural partnerships are on the same team, rather than adversaries.

Throughout the month, the past wrestles to make peace with the future. The Sun and Mercury both enter Scorpio onOctober 22, the sign most capable of making an imagined reality manifest in the physical. A lunar eclipse paired with a full moon in material-minded Taurus hits onOctober 28, beginning an emotionally intense cycle of extreme culmination. Passions related to lack and the imbalance of unmet or ignored needs may feel enormously magnified and tender, creating a crisis of sudden awareness. We will need to feed the fire by acting on these primal impulses to achieve resolution. But first, seek counsel with the ghosts nudging you to find a steady and effective path toward destiny, rather than lashing out.

October Legend:

October 4:Mercury enters Libra
October 8:Venus enters Virgo
October 10:Pluto turns direct in Capricorn
October 12:Mars enters Scorpio
October 14:New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra
October 22:The Sun enters Scorpio, Mercury enters Scorpio
October 28:Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Find YourSign

Aries- In or Out

March 21 – April 19

Every relationship needs a tune-up every now and then, and what better time to balance the scales than during October’s eclipse season? Working together in—or opting out of—partnerships is the critical focus of a solar eclipse and new moon, both in Libra, on October 14. Beauty and fairness in your relationships are celebrated, while perceived injustices will feel intolerably stressful throughout October. Giving your needs and desires a dynamic voice is essential to safeguarding your well-being, lest the partnership dissolve.

You may become ruthless in trimming the fat from unsupportive relationships, particularly with Mars transiting your shadowy house of transformation after October 12. A financial squeeze, such as a high expense or haunting debt, may feel like an existential threat. In your mind, you can’t afford to hemorrhage energy on people who aren’t 100 percent in your corner. On October 28, a lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus pairs grace with aggressive action to usher in a new era of financial fulfillment. How you make money will change.

Taurus- Taking Control of the Narrative

April 20 – May 20

你如何处理日常运动员包括你吗r work—is due for an upgrade. On October 14, a major solar eclipse and new moon in Libra offers a push to change the way you toil, especially if your job leaves you unhappy and unhealthy. As with all eclipses, this shift may be jarring, like the sudden loss of a job. Boundaries are being drawn around harmful situations and environments, and apparent misfortune are blessings in disguise.

Prickly awareness of biting relationship insecurities comes into focus with Mars transiting your partnership sector after October 12. Rather than jabbing at each other’s sore spots, channel this energy into communication. Here is a brilliant opportunity to rebuild wobbly trust, resulting in profound intimacy and physical passion.

Nurturing your future self by taking control of your personal narrative is the overarching work of October. And by the second eclipse—this time, a lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus on the 28th—that beautiful and wizened future self materializes. Your core identity could undergo such a dramatic evolution, that you may not immediately recognize the person you’ve worked so hard to become

Gemini- Pleasure Purge

May 21 – June 20

As you stand at the crossroads of immense personal change, processing the past will be necessary. One effective way to tackle this is through creative expression. On October 14, a solar eclipse and new moon in Libra maximize opportunities for rich fulfillment through being creative and just having fun with it all. Divine downloads shirk any creative slump, and the timing is just right for greater fertility—literally and figuratively.

After October 12, hot-headed Mars influences a contentious atmosphere of workplace headbutting. You’ve likely already experienced drama with certain colleagues before, and an ongoing conflict has the potential to come to a rather nasty head. Compromise is key, and if all else fails, involve a mediator.

October’s medicine focuses on new ways to purge the past. A lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus occur on October 28, drawing attention to all the heavy baggage you may have collected over the years. Here’s your chance to go within and drop the extra weight. Deep psychological healing and profound spiritual breakthroughs are possible, but it will be a solo journey into November.

Cancer- Soft Places

June 21 – July 22

One thing you’re great at is providing soft places for those you love, and October delivers plenty of opportunity to flex those Cancerian superpowers. On October 14, a solar eclipse and new moon in Libra prompt a long-awaited change in your home and family life. You may move someplace new, or simply seek a fresh start with a relative you haven’t seen eye-to-eye with in the past.

Excitement and passion invigorate your love life after October 12, thanks to Mars traversing your romance sector. Adventure can bring existing couples closer together, and singles seem to court connections with greater ease. Things may move quite a bit faster than what you’re used to.

A friend may call on you for empathy and understanding at the end of the month. On October 28, a lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus hit your social sector with a galvanizing crisis. Tears are expected to be shed, and a friendship may even come to an end. Give yourself permission to grieve.

Leo- Cooler Heads Prevail

July 23 – August 22

Bold people often draw a critical eye, and chances are, you’ve been on the outs with one or two close relatives due to their judgment of your choices. Patience with your family will be necessary once Mars begins blasting through your domestic sector on October 12. A longstanding conflict between you and a close family member, likely a sibling, could come to an explosive head.

Finding common ground again through constructive dialogue to end this conflict is possible—maybe even unavoidable—during the solar eclipse and new moon in Libra on October 14. The key to this major lunar event is balanced thought and negotiation, which could aid you in both making decisions personally and discussing them with your near and dear ones. Keep a cool head: The fallout of such a row could last upwards of six months.

Leos tend to be aces at channeling their stress into their drive to succeed, especially professionally. If you’re one of those Leos, you’ll likely see the efforts of your toil culminate with a spotlight achievement by October 28th’s lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus.

Virgo- Checks and Balances

August 23 – September 22

低潮和流动的资金或许是沙rpest point of imbalance in your oh-so-meticulously nurtured life this year. A chance to completely revolutionize your relationship with income and earning money could land in your lap on October 14, thanks to a major solar eclipse and new moon in Libra. Your prospects for increasing cash flow are tremendous, whether that be with a whole new gig, a sweet pay raise, or a rewarding side hustle.

When it comes to knowing your worth, standing up for yourself is key. You’ll have the courage to initiate tough conversations once Mars begins transiting your communication zone on October 12. Past injustices and hurts come out of the woodwork with the purpose of resolution and repair.

On October 28, a lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus signal the end of a learning journey. Even if you are not literally graduating from an academic program, a period of vast personal learning is coming to a close, culminating in greater maturity and self-awareness. Don your evolution proudly as you begin the next critical phase of digesting life’s lessons.

Libra- Life As You Know It

September 23 – October 22

There isn’t an aspect of your life that October’s eclipse season won’t touch. On October 14, a solar eclipse and new moon occur in Libra, rocking your world with a powerful new beginning. Life as you know it—including how you present your identity to the world—may change dramatically.

Money may become a sore spot after October 12 with Mars traversing your income sector. Sneaky expenses may surprise you, which won’t be pleasant. However, this moment will teach you how to strategize savings more effectively for the future.

Yet another eclipse—a lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus—hits on October 28. This time, a spouse or partner’s income may be at stake, for better or for worse. Alternatively, you may receive news of a financial settlement or inheritance coming your way.

Scorpio- You Time

October 23 – November 21

The time for quiet observation is over as October ushers in what could be your most powerful era yet. Mars—one of your dual planetary rulers—moves into Scorpio on October 12. When it comes to personal motivation, your cup runneth over with a surplus of active energy you haven't felt in a long time.

Furthering your projects will be an inside job, one that requires personal motivation and savvy strategy. A solar eclipse and new moon fall in Libra on October 14, providing a healthy balance for bringing that bubbling internal energy out into the external to manifest toward your goals. What some perceive as cunning is just simple smarts to you, Scorpio.

Emotions run unavoidably high at the end of the month with a relationship-centered lunar eclipse and full moon occurring on October 28. This could mean the ending of a partnership, whether business or personal. No matter how this critical change in your relationship lands, you’ll be ready to evolve.

射手座- Mending Fences

November 22 – December 21

有时,你只是一样好你的公司keep. On October 14, a solar eclipse and new moon in Libra occur in your friendship sector, sparking new social connections and indicating that your inner circle may be the key to achieving your goals. Two is better than one when it comes to getting ahead! Though you may be more discreet about your ambitions with Mars traversing the part of your chart ruling secrets.

A rift with a work colleague may become especially emotionally charged and intense at the end of the month. A lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus fall on October 28, bringing unspoken or passive-aggressive conflicts to the forefront. Fixing may be futile, and you may be better off leaving the high-stress environment behind altogether.


December 22 – January 19

You’ve been trekking toward professional prestige all year, and October’s eclipses provide the perfect push for summiting your loftiest career goals. A solar eclipse and new moon in Libra on October 14 could make you quite well-known in your field or industry, too. Though achieving celebrity may not be specifically on your agenda, others—especially the big wigs—can’t help but notice your focused stamina and overall professional prowess.

While you’re working hard at making real career strides, your friendships might not be as fulfilling as usual. Feisty Mars transits your social sector from October 12 onward, stirring up quarrels and heated disagreements. Taking space from your social life is one surefire way to avoid a friend break-up this month.

Creativity and romantic love, on the other hand, provide a rich source of solace. On October 28, a stunning lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus ends the month with a fairytale scenario. In a moment of truth coloring the next six months at least, every wish you’ve been secretly harboring could come true.

Aquarius- Environmental Change

January 20 – February 18

There never seems to be a time when you’re not seeking expansive horizons, but this month your pursuit for higher learning is magnified by a solar eclipse and new moon in Libra on October 14. Practically anything you do with the intention of becoming more knowledgable is supported, and could even be profoundly spiritual. Teaming up with your partner or sweetheart makes this learning experience doubly profound.

Your potential for career success is spectacular this month, especially after October 12. The universe appears to be enthusiastically nudging you to pick up a professional pursuit from the past.

Hearth and home take precedence during the lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus on October 28. You could be finalizing a decision to relocate, or receive emotionally charged news from a relative. Brace yourself for major changes in your domestic life that will influence the next six months.

Pisces- A Lifesaver

February 19 – March 20

If you’ve been drowning in fruitless efforts to make and manage your money effectively, October is about to throw you a lifesaver. On October 14, a major solar eclipse and new moon usher in a key development in untangling your finances and easing your overwhelm. Income provided by your partner or spouse could positively tip the scales, or you might get a leg up with passive income, a loan, or a line of emergency credit.

A lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus occur on October 28, signaling the finishing touches to critical negotiations that set you up for the next month. Hot gossip from a sibling, close relative, or neighbor might also turn into an emotionally jarring crisis point during this lunar event. An unusually assertive streak in your communication ensures that you’ll be able to stand up for your loved ones while also holding boundaries to meet your own needs, even in high-stress situations.

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