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My Back-To-School Style: Mariama Wang

Written byKatie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography byMariama Wang

Across the country, nearly every child is now “back to school,” which brings with it a new season of routine for both kids and parents. Sartorially speaking, what to dress your kids—and yourself—for everyday drop-offs, pick-ups, and everything in-between is often top of mind for us. Which is why we’ve asked some of our favorite mamas coast-to-coast to share and break-down their tried-and-true Back-To-School style. Check out our first inspiring subject, below!

The Mother:Mariama Wang, San Francsico-based mom of a 2nd grader and 3rd grader

Did you do “back to school” shopping this year?
“Yes. We shopped atNike,Mini Rodini,Hanna Andersson,Primark,Tea Collection, andCotton-On Kidsthis year. I like these brands because I’m able to combine pieces of what I like and what my boys like. For example, they get the athletic sweat pants fromNikeandPrimark, and I will pair it with aMini Rodinitee andTea Collectionhoodie and they will complete their look with their basketball sneakers.”

What kind of things were you looking for?
“My boys are very much into sports/athletic brands these days because of their active involvement with sports. They love going for solid baggy sweat pants, b-ball shorts, leggings to wear under their shorts, and thermals for short sleeve shirts. Meanwhile, I like brands that are playful, retro, quirky, with fun prints. So, I’ll look for items that are similar to what they will gravitate towards that have fun and whimsical patterns on them.”

Do you have a Back-To-School shopping philosophy?
*My BTS philosophy is I don’t make it a major event because I know the brands that I like and I’ll shop throughout the year opportunistically. When I go shopping with the boys, I let them pick out what they like. Of course, they always run over to me asking for my advice, which means they appreciate my style.” :)

Do your kids have an opinion on what they wear?
“OMG my oldest son definitely has an opinion! And his style isNike,Nike,Nikehands-down and he does not want me interfering. I’m in constant negotiation with him when it comes to his style, so we made an agreement that we each get to pick an item for his school fits going forward. Sometimes if I’m lucky he’ll wear what I have already picked out because he does not want to look for something to wear. My youngest usually just goes with the flow and never fights me. Since school started in mid-August they really have been styling themselves.”

When it comes to your Back-to-School style as a mom, what are you going for?
*My BTS style is chic and simple. My boys school is about a 5-minute walk from our home. I’m always cutting it close for drop-off time. So I usually have to find something quick to put on and jumpsuits or mom jeans (paired with a cotton crop-top and a lightweight jacket or cardigan) are my go-to pieces. It’s always fun to finish off my look with a pair of socks, sunglasses, and clogs or kicks.”

Mariama wears aBabaasweater,Zaratop and jeans,No. 6clogs, andWeld MFGsocks (left). Her jumpsuit is fromEverlane(right).

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