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Lunchboxes For Kids

The Cutest & Coolest Lunchboxes For Kids

Written byKatie Hintz-Zambrano

8月在这里,这意味着Back-to-School season is ON! If your kiddo needs a new school lunch box, we've got dozens of cute and cool lunchboxes for kids—from sturdy stainless steel options to colorful delights. Pick your favorite, below!


Stainless Steel Lunch Box



This sturdy lunch box by Bentgo comes in 4 colors (blue, green, purple, pink) and also a classic all-stainless steel look.

It's got 4 leak-resistant compartments and is easy to clean.

Also available insmaller sizesand kid-friendly patterns.

Colorblock Lunchbox



We love the fun, colorblock look of these b.box lunchboxes (which also come insmaller snack-sizes, great for little kids).

Pick from 9 vibrant color combos. All of them have roomy interiors that can accomodate whole pieces of fruit, a whole sandwich, bagel, wraps, sushi, and more.

A removeable tray and slider makes it easy to accommodate salads and pasta. And an ice pack is included to keep things fresher,

The Luca Box

Tabor Place


How cool is the tie-dye print on this lightweight, 3-compartment silicone lunchbox? If the swirls aren't your thing, it also comes in green and purple.

The Luca box is a premium, food-grade silicone lunchbox that is both safe and durable. Its 3 compartments provide ample space for a variety of food portions. Perfect for school and work lunch with no worry of spills.

Silicone Bento Box

Austin Baby Collection (ABC)


The Austin Baby Collection (ABC) is the creator of this one-of-a-kind, leak-proof silicone bento box, which offers five individually sealable compartments for packing sandwiches, snacks, sides, even yogurt or hummus.

It's dishwasher, microwave, backpack, and car-seat safe and comes in a variety of sweet and modern prints (animals, veggies, flowers), as well as monochrome versions for big-kids and adults.

The brand also designsa neutral bagwith straps and extra compartments (for a water bottle, etc.) that perfectly fits the lunchbox for easy toting.

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  1. Sarah D says...

    My children’s school requires lunchboxes to have a shoulder strap. These have historically been very hard to find! Can you try in the future to include some options for those of us with this restriction?

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