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Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

30+ Baby Shower Gifts We Love

Written byKatie Hintz-Zambrano

Got a specialmama-to-bein your life? You're in luck! Below, we've culled together some of our favorite baby shower gifts of the moment. Some of them big purchases (stroller, high chair) and some smaller treasures that you can give on their own or bundle together. Enjoy!

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Gift Bundle

Gratitude Collaborative

$50 & up

If gift baskets are your thing (and you don't have the time to curate it all yourself), leave it toGratitude Collaborative.

The gift bundle company creates playful, modern gift boxes for a variety of occasions, including the arrival of a new baby.

You can also add beautiful floral arrangements to any bundle for extra oomph.

Baby Separates & Sets

Tea Collection


Whether you're looking for甜蜜的分离(onesies, hats,cardigans, etc.) or a whole set of outfits,Tea Collectionhas you covered.

We are especially loving theTake Me Home 6-Piece Set, which includes two top and bottom outfit sets, a zip-up romper, and an adorable bear ear hat.

This convenient option comes inBoy,Girl, andUnisexand all include one-of-a-kind prints, fresh from the brand's artists in San Francisco, as well as a timeless black and white striped set.

Plus, when you buy one of Tea's gift sets, you'll receive complimentary Furoshiki gift wrap service—a sweet and eco-friendly touch!

Custom "Mom Jewelry"


$55 & up

Every new mama needs a piece of so-called "mom jewelry"—a.k.a. something that celebrates her precious role as a mother.

We love these affordable pieces byGLDNbecause of the multitude of ways in which they can be customized—including adding names, initials, birthstones, dates, floral motifs, and more.

You can also start with a classic "Mama" necklace, motherhood-themed pendant, or Mama Bear circle, and add customized elements when baby arrives.

If necklaces aren't your thing, there are inscribed rings, bracelets, and birthstone earrings that all fit the bill.

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