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Easy Kids Halloween Costumes

Easy Kids Halloween Costumes You Can Make Out Of Basics

Written byKatie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography byPrimary

If you’re a parent looking tominimize所有的额外的“东西”kids, listen up. With Halloween just around the corner, what your child will “be” for the spooky holiday if most likely top of mind. And we’ve got a shortcut to share with you. The folks over at basics-centric kids line Primary have createda mini-sitewith inspiration for how to take basic clothes—many that you probably already own, and that you’re certain to get mileage from way after Halloween—and spinning them into clever costumes. From a ball of cotton candy and a unicorn to Ruth Bader Ginsberg and a poop emoji, we’ve listed 24 of our favorites in the slideshow below. Be sure to check outPrimaryfor the rest, plus instructions on how to create them.

Peep these 24 Easy Halloween Kids Costumes below!

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